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    Analysis of your real estate story

    Sometimes it is not so obvious to decide whether or not to sell your property. Selling can be the right choice, but it isn't always. As professionals with knowledge of the current market situation, we help to make the right choice and to draw up the ideal timeline for you.

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    Pricing Strategy

    On the basis of a comparative market analysis, we determine a realistic sales price together. We also calculate the net result of the sale.

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    We advise on any repairs or improvements that are desirable. A good presentation of the house or apartment is also super important and we make sure to do this as well as possible.

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    A good file is essential for a smooth sale. We are building a complete sales file so that we can properly and fully inform prospective buyers.

  • 05

    Marketing strategy

    We draw up a marketing plan for the sale of each property. In order to give the property optimal online visibility, we make a personal video tour. Depending on the property, we create a tailor-made strategy and timetable for the commercial and creative actions.

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    Showing a property to prospective buyers is not just opening the door for us. We make it an experience for every prospective buyer. The enthusiasm with which we receive and show buyers around is very important.

  • 07

    Sale Administration

    Drawing up and or following up the sales agreement and taking care of the contacts with the civil-law notaries.

  • 08

    Negotiating the sale

    We analyze every offer, discuss options and negotiate price and mediate between buyer and seller on the terms of the sale.

  • 09


    We assist the owner during the deed with any questions and we ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  • 10

    Post deed

    After the sale, there are often still some things to arrange. For example, the transfer of the meters. It is important to us that everything runs smoothly after the deed and that both parties have had a good real estate experience.

We are a marketing driven real estate agency

Selling real estate is so much more than a transaction and should not depend solely on chance. Each property has its own story. And it is that story that we tell at CHVC, with a thoroughly personal approach, a thorough knowledge of the market and the latest marketing techniques.

Formula tailored to your story

Discover our Smart Seller Packs and sell your property the way you want it. Do you like to outsource everything, or do you prefer to stay in control? Do you want to do the visits yourself, but leave the negotiating to us? You decide what you expect from us as a real estate agent.


You are strong in administration, but looking for a commercial push.


You want to sell your property yourself and could use some professional help.


We take care of the administration, you take care of the commercial story. A perfect match.

More than just a traditional real estate agency

We strive to provide exceptional service to our clients throughout the process of moving home.

Guided video tours

Every property needs personal attention. We intend to tell your home story right to reach and engage buyers effectively.

Viewing experience

We understand the importance of giving potential buyers a unique viewing experience. So they can understand your property and fall in love with it.

Communication agency

We believe that all properties should benefit from digital marketing and communication strategies.

Social Influence & targeted advertising

Success stories

Furnished flat. 1Bed. 1000 Brussels


Penthouse. 3BEDS. 1000 Brussels


Duplex. 3BEDS. Molenbeek St-jean


The most asked questions

Do you have a question about real estate? If so, you'll probably find the answer here. Do you have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

  • When is the best time to sell?

    The answer to this question is always a generalization. There is, unfortunately, no standard correct answer to this question, because, with every sale, so many variables come into play, and because each time the circumstances are different. So yes, the question, according to the market, what is the best time to sell my house, that can be examined. But a more important question is the following, what time is the best time for you to sell. Not necessarily for "the market. Namely, what impact does selling the house have on your life, and what are the consequences for you if you sell. Is it to buy something new and move? A better house, a farmhouse in the country, a penthouse in the city? There is a story attached to that, and that is as important as then market conditions. A good real estate agent can work with any market conditions and get your house sold. Finally, there is something to be said about seasonal conditions. In general, and there is certainly truth to this, the spring months are the best for putting a house or apartment up for sale, followed by September and October.

  • What should I communicate to the buyer?

    Legally speaking, you have to inform the seller of various things as early as the advertisement for a property for sale: the EPC certificate, the urban development destination, whether or not there are any permits for urban development activities, whether or not a writ of summons or a court order has been issued for the property, whether or not there is a right of first refusal, whether or not a subdivision permit applies, whether or not there is any soil pollution, and whether or not the property is located in a flood plain.

    In addition, it is also important that you inform a prospective buyer of any serious defects in the property that he may not be able to see simply on a visit. The fact that there was once a leak because of a problem with the roof that has been fixed, for example, is not important. But if you know that there is, for example, a house fungus, and you don't report it or you camouflage a defect like this, you are making a big mistake. Our principle is, let us know everything you would want to know yourself if you were the buyer. Not down to the smallest details, but everything you think is important. It is also important that the buyers feel comfortable in their new home and don't have any unpleasant surprises.

  • How much properties I have to visit before buying one?

    We're certainly not going to tell you that there is a set rule! If the first property you visit turns out to be the home of your dreams, then go for it. Justice teaches us that it's important to get a lot of experience with the market and all the options available within your budget. You can do this by doing a lot of research online, but more importantly, by getting out there. You will get to know many properties, but also many real estate agents/sellers. With each visit, you'll learn more about what's currently on the market, the value of the properties you're looking for in a particular segment, and the strength of demand for the properties in the segment you're looking for. Also, keep an eye on how quickly the properties you visit are selling.

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